INSTEA New Products Launching For Christmas!

✅ New products are on the market🔥! 

#Instea 2 New Products #Christmas special drinks: Oreo Cookies Coffee and Biscoff Boba, and brand new #Belgium Waffle, there are 4 flavors to choose from, you must try the signature Lotus Biscoff flavor😍!

Oreo Cookies Coffee and Biscoff Boba
Image credit: @Instea

New Christmas products are coming 🤤! 

Instea will launch 2 special #Christmas special drinks during 15-31/12, including Oreo Cookies Coffee, warm pearls with coffee and fresh milk, and a signature cheese milk cap, just like Tiramisu, plus a Biscoff cookie. 

Biscoff Boba Biscoff biscuits
Image credit: @Instea

The taste is huge and rich; there is also Biscoff Boba, you can bite into crispy Biscoff biscuits with every bite, plus the top layer of caramel sauce, the taste is really delicious 🤩! You can also eat #BelgiumWaffle in Instea now. It is made with pure Belgian imported flour and raw materials. 

flavors of Biscoff honey chocolate and original
Image credit: @Instea

There are 4 flavors of Biscoff, honey, chocolate, and original. The taste is soft and you will fall in love with it. I especially recommend the Biscoff flavor, full of caramel biscuits. Fragrant, so delicious, so hurry up and ask your girlfriends and friends to come to Instea to taste the new Christmas drink and Belgian Waffle 👍!

Belgian Waffle
Photo: @Instea
Biscoff flavor Waffle
Photo: @Instea

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