Jackson Wang Went Viral After Going To Mamak And Drinking MILO Tabur

Image credit: Jackson Wang on Instagram

Good Vibes Weekender made its grand return after 2 years of hiatus, featuring both local and international artists in the lineup.

Image credit: Good Vibes Festival

The long-awaited festival finally happened for 2 days, 23rd September and 24th September, at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon. The lineups included CL, Jackson Wang, Midnight Fusic, Dolla, Joe Flizzow and many more. 

One of the performers for this year’s Good Vibes Weekender, Jackson Wang, a sensational K-pop superstar and member of the K-pop group GOT7 went viral after asking the audience where to get food after the concert. The audience then mentioned the word “mamak”, and Jackson learnt a new work from the fans on the day of his performance during his performance at the Good Vibes Weekender last 24th September at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon.

Tiktok video credit: @/msiakpopfans (TikTok)
Jackson Wang
Image credit: @/IzadnakSPM & @/marquee (TikTok)

You can hear a clear “Haa!” after Jackson finally spelt “mamak” correctly, as one of the Tiktok users pointed out in the comment section. Another user also wondered why the audience sounded aggressive while shouting, “Mamak lah!”.

Jackson Wang
Image credit: @/IzadnakSPM & @/marquee (TikTok)

Others also laughed at how an audience told the K-pop idol that he could “lepak” at their house after the show. “Who suggested that?” and “Who was the one who invited him home?” the commenters said. 

To make things even better, Jackson posted a photo of MILO Tabur, which caused it to trend alongside other images of him performing on the stage, the traffic, and a picture of him with his backup dancers.

Screenshot at .. PM
Image credit: Jackson Wang

A few days after the show, the artiste also tweeted that he would be back real soon, but we didn’t expect him to be back REAL soon! 

He posted the dates of his first-ever solo world tour, JACKSON WANG MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR 2022-2023, and Kuala Lumpur is among the cities he will visit this December. So, if you have missed out on this year’s Good Vibes Weekender, prepare your money now to secure a ticket to Jackson’s upcoming tour!

Image credit: Jackson Wang

Check out Jackson Wang’s latest music video, CRUEL, here! 

Source: SAYS 

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