Like A Work Of Art | Beautiful Ways To Score Sourdough Bread

Yes they really look so pretty! If you have started to make bread, you can try some of these beautiful, intricate designs on your sourdough bread. 

These ideas are going to make you look like a master class bread baker! So let’s get to it!

1. Royal flower

Image Credit: Bread Journey

It really looks fit for a royal.

2. Simple Leaf

This is much simpler to do.

3. Mystical tree

Image Credit: insider

This really gives off a mystical fairy in the forest vibes. Perfect for tea parties with the gals.

4. Ark

Image Credit: pinterest

Like a strong ark indeed. I like those strong white lines.

5. Cut-out leaf

Image Credit: kingarthurbaking

This one looks like the little leaves were cut out. A nice nature-inspired concept.

6. Lavender

Image Credit: bbcgoodfood

This looks like a few pieces of lavender, It has whitish circular rings on the back for some contrast.   

7. Festive themed

Image Credit: pinterest

Yes! You can even do it according to festive seasons. Like a Christmas tree during the holidays. 

8. Double helix leaf

Image Credit: pinterest

Does this look like a dragon to you or is just me? HAHA! So cool!

9. 8-Petal Flower

Image Credit: hungerthirstplay

This looks so ‘kawaii’! 

10. Open Top

Image Credit: pinterest

This looks like the bread is slightly starting to open up.

11. Just Aesthetic

Image Credit: pinterest

Yes, there is no better name for it.

12. Four parts

Image Credit: pinterest

Divide it into four parts, and repeat the design to create a look like above.

13. Spiral

Image Credit: pinterest

This looks like an artifact!

14. Dragon

Image Credit: breadtopia.

Ok now THIS looks like a dragon.

15. Rose

Image Credit: pinterest

Awhh how romantic. PERFECT if you are making this for your special one.

16. Tribal

Image Credit: Roundhouse Works

Tribal designs have always been known to catch the eyes!

17. Pumpkin 

Image Credit: Roundhouse Works

Celebrating Halloween? Perhaps you should add this to the food list next time!

18. Snowflakes

Image Credit: Roundhouse Works

Another one perfect for Christmas time!

19. Abstract 

Image Credit: pixels

Of course, when in doubt, do abstract!

20. Basic bread

Or you could go back to basics if you are unsure. It always gives a classic look.

Whatcha waiting for? Go try some of these! It’s going to be fun! You can even get your kids to try them with you. It could be a fun family activity. If you are wondering what tools are needed for making sourdough bread, check out here

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