Malaysian Pizza

Malaysians, where ya’ll at? This is something you will definitely love. Rendang on pizza. Topped then with cheese, onions, dried chili, more chillis (cause we love our food spicy), and Gardens Sauces’s Chilli Sauce (we really love it spicy)  Making rendang for your family now is made easier with GIMSON Nyonya Rendang paste. Try it this Raya, we bet your family will love it!

Malaysian Pizza


Bread Dough


  • 1 nos Gimson Nyonya Rendang
  • 200 ml Water
  • 2 nos Chicken Breast 
  • 100 g Santan 
  • 40 g Kerisik 


  • Shallots
  • Chillies
  • Dried Chillies
  • Dried Lemon Grass
  • Tangy Cheddar 
  • Gardon Chilli Sauce



  • In a pot pour in gimson nyonya rendang and saute for a few second.
    Malaysian Pizza
  • Quickly add the water and chicken
    Malaysian Pizza 1
  • Cook until half cooked and add in kerisik
    Malaysian Pizza 2
  • Cook it until the chicken fully cooked.
    Malaysian Pizza 3

Bread Dough

  • Combine all ingredient and knead for 15 minutes
    Malaysian Pizza 4
  • Let it rest for 3 hours
    Malaysian Pizza 5
  • Roll the dough into circle and roll the edge three times to form a crust
    Malaysian Pizza 6
  • Put the filling on top and grate the cheese.
    Malaysian Pizza 7


  • Start with the cheese and move on to the other ingredients
    Malaysian Pizza 8

Try it out to impress your party guests!

We collaborate with Gardens Sauces to create this awesome recipe.

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