Only Malaysians Will Know the Combo

Most Famous Flavor Combos! The following list is a collection of some of the tastiest food combinations in all of the Malaysia

1. Cream Crackers + Milo

2. Roti Canai + Milo

3. Soft Boiled Egg + Soy Sauce

4. Soft Boiled Egg + Toast

5. Soy Sauce + Chili + Sugar + Raw Mango

6. Bread + Butter + Sugar

7. Curry + Bread

8. Milo + Raw Egg

9. Coffee + Butter

10. MCD Ice Cream + French Fries

11. Wasabi + Soy Sauce

12. Durian + Rice

13. Cakoi + Bak Kut Teh

14. Bread + Millo + Condensed Milk

15. Pork Floss + Congee

16. Chili + Soy Sauce

.How many combos do you tasted?

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