Oven Tricks in Baking a Good Breads

Don’t underestimate the power of a OVEN!
Knowing it’s tricks & features is the key to BAKING GOOD bread and buns:

  • Proofing inside your oven
  • Preheating ovens with a bowl of water or use a spray bottle
  • Having a large capacity oven with fan
  • Adjustable consistent oven heating system
  • Heat reflection interior

Firenzzi Oven stands out powerfully here, with it’s customization heating elements and diamond shaped reflective surface.

Proofing inside your oven

A great trick. Some recipes state that it is okay to proof it on a counter, but it is not suitable because bread dough needs humidity, a dark and warm place to proof. Moreover, there are few ovens that have proofing features that work like a charm.

Preheating ovens with a bowl of water or use a spray bottle.

Oven- spring – a period where the bread/ bun will double in size. During that process that surface of the bread/ bun will be stretched and it is important to keep your bread and oven surface moist before baking. So preheat your oven with a bowl of water or use a spray bottle to prevent it becoming stunted, cracked or dense.

Having a large capacity oven with fan

The recommended size for home ovens are about 50-60L, so that the bread would have extra space to expand. Large ovens are great in bread making in big batches, there would be added moisture and aroma from other dough. Moreover, better air circulation is ensured, which gives that really good dry crust but light on the inside texture.

The oven heating system

In bread baking, you may want the top of the bread to become brown first. You can do in an oven with an adjustable heating system that allow you to adjust the temperature of the heating coils. If you don’t have one, you need to put an aluminium foil on top of the bread.

The oven heating system

U-shaped heating coils does not cover some of the surface areas in an oven, requiring you to turn your tray in the middle of the cooking process. It is dangerous and might affect the quality if the product. Our suggestion is to choose an oven that has a large heating coil or with a M-shaped heating coil for consistency and effectiveness.

Heat reflection interior

It also ensures whole and consistent heating. Some of these designs were meant to reflect heat waves back to the baked good itself, typically the most effective reflective design is the diamond shape reflective surface.

Yay! Now you’re closer to successful baking!

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