Start Turning Your Leftover Bread Into A Fertilizer

Homemade fertilizer with just bread and water! Your flowers will bloom after this.
Tip: Can use pipe water but make sure it’s exposed to the sun for a whole day to lessen the chlorine!

1. What You Need:

  1. Bread (Make sure it doesn’t have any molds!)
  2. 1.5l of rainwater or rice water.

Step 1

Rip the bread into pieces and shove it into an empty bottle. Pour in the water.

Step 2

Let the mixture soak for 4 days minimum at a dark place. (Best to let it soaked for a week)

Step 3

Make sure to open the bottle every 3 days to let out the gas. (May smell bad)

Step 4

When it’s soaked well, pour into a watering can mix with water, and water your plants!

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