Sundae Cone Is No Longer RM1!

Sundae Cone has secretly risen to RM2, and even ChocoTop has risen to RM2.50. The happiness of RM1 is gone!

Twitter user @ZackAvaricious finds out and is shocked that the price for sundae cones has increased to RM 2 from RM 1, which is a 100% price hike. He requested an explanation from McDonald’s Malaysia. 

Photo @ZackAvaricious Twitter
Photo: @ZackAvaricious/Twitter

Netizens have expressed their feelings about the price increase. From now on, some people will even share other places to get their ice cream.

Sundae Cone Is No Longer RM
Sundae Cone Is No Longer RM

Some netizens replied that IKEA’s ice cream still maintains the price of RM0.90! 

Sundae Cone Is No Longer RM

What is your opinion on the starting price of McDonald’s?

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