Syabira Yusoff Is The First Ever Malaysian To Win ‘The Great British Bake Off’

Syabira Yusoff, a Malaysian cardiovascular researcher, took first prize in the 13th season of the famous British television baking competition, The Great British Bake Off. 

Image Credit: Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/PA Wire

Syabira, 32, moved to Britain for her PhD in 2013 and was crowned the winner on the final episode, beating other finalist bakers Sandro Farmhouse, 30 and Abdul Rehman Sharif, 29. She is also the first ever Malaysian to win the popular baking show. 

After winning, she said it was “the biggest achievement in my life”, mentioning that she established recipes as early as 5 am when she was preparing for the show. Syabira also added that she would look through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. 

“All the hard work, the trial and error, it has all been worth it. I am very, very proud,” said the researcher at King’s College London and passionate home baker, who began baking in 2017 after feeling homesick.

Image Credit: britishbakeoff (Instagram)

Syabira is also a fan favourite from the beginning of the season, described on the show’s official website as a baker who will give twists of Malaysian flavour to British classics, like using chicken rendang in Cornish pasties.

“Some of the flavours we have never had in the tent before and are unlikely to have again. She is an incredible baker.” one of the show’s judges, celebrity chef Paul Hollywood complimented her.

Syabira created an ambitious and aspiring sculpture of an orangutan holding up the rainforest for the show’s final showstopper challenge’s theme, Our Beautiful Planet.

The creation comprised layers of tarragon shortbread and a Genoese sponge flavoured with black pepper sandwiched with blackberry jam.  

Hollywood also said that “The orangutan is clever. I think you could have done a little bit more work on the face. It’s not the neatest thing I’ve seen, but it tastes fantastic, nevertheless.”

Did you catch the latest season of The Great British Bake Off’s last episode? What did you think of the showstopper challenge? Let us know your thoughts and opinions by commenting below! 

Source: The Star

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