Things About Date Sugar That You Must Know

Date Sugar is special. From its taste and texture to nutritional content, here are some of the things you should know about Date Sugar.

How’s It Made

Date sugar is made with dehydrated dates that are grounded to a powder. Whole pitted dates are used to produce the date sugar.

The Taste, Texture And Aroma

The taste of date sugar is really sweet and has a strong fragrance. The texture of date sugar is really smooth, soft and once it is mixed, it will dissolve immediately with leftover fibrous bits from the dates.

Nutritional Value

Date Sugar is made of 100% finely ground dates with no allergens, additives or preservatives. It
retains benefits of whole dates, and is high in dietary fiber (28% RDI), potassium (20%), magnesium (17%) and calcium (7%).

RDI: USFDA Recommended Daily Intake

How To Incorporate In Baking

Date sugar can be used in many baking and dessert recipes. You can also sprinkle date sugar on top of biscuits, cakes, or any bakery products. If you want to make really smooth jelly or clear desserts, using date sugar might not be suitable because of its fibre residue. You can use Gurun Emas Low GI Dates Syrup instead.

The Novelty Of The Dessert When Date Sugar Is Used

When you use date sugar to bake your cake, you can reduce the sugar content a little so it will be less moist and your cookie will be more chewy thanks to the fiber. When in contact with water, the fiber will absorb the liquid and maintain the moisture. Thus, it will help your dessert to become more stable. Moreover, your dessert is made with NATURAL & HEALTHY Date Sugar instead of loaded with harmful refined sugar, which is good for your health. It is a healthy replacement to refined sugar, commercial
honey, invert sugar syrup, etc.

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