This Is How You Should Be Keeping Your Curry Leaves | LASTS UP TO MONTHS!

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As Malaysians, we definitely use curry leaves very often in cooking.

But most of us have experienced them rotting in just within a week right?! Frustrating I know…

Not to worry, we have a SOLUTION for you! That will make it last up to MONTHS!

  1. Wash the curry leaves thoroughly. Then put them in a basket or any other suitable container you have at home. After that, you have two ways to go about this; you can either store them in the refrigerator or dry them under the sun. 

Pro tips: 

  • Do not cut off the branches when drying them under the sun, it helps prevent them from flying away when there is a strong wind. Once they have been dried, then only cut them off.
  • You can also bake them in the oven for a little while if there is not much sun at the place you stay at. (you are kind of lucky though, because the weather in Malaysia is too hot!) Furthermore, baking them in the oven is not only faster but also easier.
Image Credit: Emma Zam

2. If you choose to dry them, after a few hours or once you think they have been sufficiently dried, you should place all of them in an airtight container.

Pro tip:

  • Do not fill the container too much. Make sure that the leaves are not fully packed. There should be space for them to ‘breathe’. When they are too close and tightly arranged next to each other, it becomes quicker for them to rot.
  • You can leave them at room temperature if you have dried them and place them in a container.
Image Credit: Emma Zam

3. Once you would like to add them to your cooking, simply just toss them in the pan.

This works for other seasonings or herbs like kaffir lime leaves, turmeric leaves or coriander.

Credits for this extremely useful tip goes to Emma Zam.

Try it now and see the results!

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