Tips to Store Coffee Powder and Milo | Avoid Them Hardening

Isn’t it super frustrating when your coffee powder or beloved milo powder hardens. All you wanted was to enjoy a nice cup of drink now you have to wrestle with powder. 

Well worry no longer, here is another tip for you to prevent this situation.

Things you need:

  1. Mason Jar or container of your choice
  2. Oxygen absorber
  3. Your beloved coffee or milo powder

How to do it: 

  1. First purchase those oxygen absorbers. They are the heroes in preventing the powder from hardening. 
Image Credit : Lola Lolieta (Facebook)

2. Then transfer all your coffee or milo powder into a Mason Jar or container of your choice. Then add in the oxygen absorber.

Image Credit : Lola Lolieta (Facebook)

3. Make sure to seal it tightly so no air goes in. You’re done!

Image Credit : Lola Lolieta (Facebook)

Credit to this interesting tip goes to Fazli. You can check out his profile here.

If you have any other wonderful tips like these for making diet friendly yet tasty food or even any other cooking tips at all, do let us know! Happy Dieting (I hope hahaha)!

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