Tips To Store Your Leafy Greens Longer | A Surprising Method

Image Credit : thewoksoflife

Leafy greens are usually the first vegetables to rot when you have them too long in the fridge. It can be very sad to see them rot away. 

But don’t be sad any longer! I’m back with some tips to help you save your beloved green veggies!

Things you need:

  1. Knife
  2. Rubber bands or string to tie
  3. Malaysian Popsicle Plastic Moulds
  4. Your leafy greens

How to do it: 

  1. First what you need to do is wash your leafy greens really well. Once you have done that, chop off those pesky roots from the vegetables.

2. Now this next step is going to sound surprising! Get some of those cylindrical Malaysian Popsicle Plastic Moulds, and put those leafy greens inside it. You can get the plastic from a lot of different hypermarkets, supermarkets so even in some convenience stores. If you are not sure what it looks like, refer below.

Image Credit : hungryc.wordpress

3. Once you have put those green veggies in the plastic, add water till it’s full.

4. Then make sure to tie up the plastic really tightly. You can use rubber bands or any other method you think is best.

Image Credit : Intan Nursyazana Saiful Bahrin (Facebook)

5. After tying it up, put them in the freezer. Yes, freezer! That’s the main trick here! This is how you’re going to make them last wayyy longer.

Image Credit : Intan Nursyazana Saiful Bahrin (Facebook)

6. Once you want to cook it, just take it out of the freezer, then cut off the knot, and get the veggies out and start cooking!

Credit to this interesting tip goes to Intan Nursyazana Saiful Bahrin. You can check out her profile here.

If you have any other wonderful tips like these for making your green veggies to last longer or other veggies and maybe even kitchen tips, do let us know! Good luck trying it!

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