Top 10 Best Chinese Snacks in Malaysia 2022

Chinese snacks! Who doesn’t like its distinct, spicy and tangy flavour they have! If you’re new to Chinese snacks, you should definitely try the following lists of popular Chinese snacks! I promise each snack provides you with a different taste and experience. 

Here are the top 10 Chinese Snacks in Malaysia that you can try today! 

1. Konjac Moyushuang Spicy Snack 

Konjac Moyushuang Spicy Snack
Image credit: Shopee

Konjac Spicy snack is a Konjac snack that is covered in spicy sauce, giving it the tangy and bouncy texture and taste. The snack does not require cooking and can be eaten once opened from the packaging. Do note that each portion is a bit small, if you were to try we suggest you order more because it is highly addictive and one is simply not enough! 

Ingredients: Water, Starch, Konjac powder, Vegetable oil, Salt, Sugar, Sauerkraut, Yeast extract, Spice, Food flavouring, Fragrance 

Country of Origin: China 

Size available: 10g 

Flavour available: Mala spicy, Sour spicy, Xiangla spicy 

Price: RM0.46 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

2. Chinese Yam Chip Famous Potato Chips

Chinese Yam Chip Famous Potato Chips
Image credit: Shopee

If you’re craving for something crunchy but not potato chips, what about Yam chips? Not only are they healthier, they are also low in calories! They come in various flavours as well for you to choose from. 

Ingredients: Chinese yam, Tomato seasoner, Vegetable oil, Salt 

Country of Origin: China 

Size available: 88g, 33g

Flavour available: Original, Tomato, Seaweed, Sauce, Shallot, Kimchi, Spicy 

Price: RM1.40 (33g) | RM2.99 (88g)  

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

3. Fried Dough Twist

Fried Dough Twist
Image credit: Shopee

Also known as “ma hua”, fried dough twists are deep fried in peanut oil – giving it an aromatic, peanut flavour. They look shiny and are crispy and crunchy. They are usually paired with honey, pepper or sesame. 

Ingredient: Flour, Baking powder, Egg, Salt, Sugar, Sesame oil, Water

Country of Origin: China 

Size Available: 128g 

Flavour available: Sweet spicy, Seaweed, Barbeque, Shrimp 

Price: RM2.99

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

4. Quail Egg

Quail Egg
Image credit: Shopee

I’m sure many of you have seen this type of snack before. They are usually packaged in an airtight packaging and have various flavours. 

Ingredients: Quail egg, Salt, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Spices 

Country of Origin: China

Size Available: 15g. 20g 

Flavour available: Picked pepper, Spiced corned, Spicy iron egg, Salt baked egg 

Price: RM0.78 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase

5. TuNiu Salted Egg Biscuits

TuNiu Salted Egg Biscuits
Image credit: Lazada

If you are a fan of sweet and salty, crunchy food, then this is for you! These crunchy, savoury and sweet egg rolls are crunchy and crumbly, it will instantly crumble inside your mouth! The inside is filled with different flavoured fillings, making the already tasty egg rolls even tastier! 

Ingredients: Salted egg, Milk, Egg, Flour, Water 

Country of Origin: China 

Size Available: 10g 

Flavours Available: Salted egg, Asamu milk, Soy, Prairie milk, Meat floss, Durian

Price: RM0.89

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

6. Ramen Talk

Ramen Talk
Image credit: My Barn 黑猪达人

Craving for savoury, hot snacks? Try ramen talk! Ramen Talk is a Japanese style ramen that has various flavours ranging from tomato, curry to braised beef! Their aromatic soup that are astringent and hearty is sure to make you long for another bowl of ramen! 

Ingredients: Flour, Starch, Vegetable oil, Seasonings 

Country of Origin: China 

Size Available: 141 ~ 178g 
*vary with different flavours 

Flavours available: Char Siew, Tomato, Crayfish, Seafood Tom Yum, Curry Tonkotsu, Golden Soup Beef, Pepper Crispy pork, Braised beef 

Price: RM5.99 (Golden Beef Soup) | RM7.88 (Char Siew, Tomato, Pepper Crispy Pork, Seafood Tom Yum) | RM9.99 (Braised beef) 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

7. Dorayaki Mini Snack

Dorayaki Mini Snack
Image credit: SeeTracker Malaysia

These mini sized dorayaki are not only delicious, but are sweet and fluffy as well. No wonder Doraemon loves them so much! They come in various flavours such as redbean, chocolate and yam.

Ingredients: Egg, Sugar, Flour, Vegetable oil

Country of Origin: China 

Size available: 10g 

Flavour available: Redbean, Chocolate, Yam 

Price: RM0.50 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

8. Jin Mo Fang Sausage

Jin Mo Fang Sausage
Image credit: Shopee

These sausages are marinated with spices before being packaged into airtight packaging. They taste luscious and have a fiery kick to it as well. If you’re a fan of sausages, you should definitely try this one! 

Ingredient: Pork, Chicken, Water, Starch, Soy protein, Konjac flour, Vegetable oil, Salt, Sugar, Glucose, Maple syrup, Spices

Country of Origin: China 

Size available: 12g, 22g

Flavour available: Original, Orleans, Spicy, Barbeque

Price: RM0.46 (12g) | RM1.28 (22g)  

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

9. Mini Sized Macarons 

Mini Sized Macarons
Image credit: repinku

If you are a fan of cookies and dessert, these mini sized macarons are made for you! The exterior of the macaron is crunchy and the filling inside is soft, sweet and creamy. 

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Butter, Syrup, Corn starch 

Country of Origin: China 

Size available: 7g 

Flavour available: Yoghourt, White peach, Choco, Lemon, Milk, Strawberry 

Price: RM0.18 (Shopee) | RM0.40 (Lazada) 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

10. Soft Tofu skin 

Soft Tofu skin
Image credit: Shopee

These soft and spicy tofu skin has a tangy flavour to it while not being too salty. The aromatic spices and sauce will give you a whole new experience of eating tofu skin like never before! 

Ingredients: Soybean, Water. Salt, Vegetable oil, Sesame, Pepper, Sugar 

Country of Origin: Malaysia 

Size available: 60g 

Price: RM2.98 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase


There are still many other snacks from China that are available in Malaysia, try them all today (or someday!) 

Disclosure: This list was compiled by the team at My Weekend Plan after extensive research and shared opinions to suggest helpful recommendations for the public. The sequence of brands is in no particular order so if you have any other great suggestions too, please email us [email protected] For more information, kindly refer to our copyright, privacy & disclosure policy

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