Top 10 Hazelnut Biscuits in Malaysia

Hazelnut flavoring is everywhere. It’s in coffee, spreads and desserts, but it can be difficult to assess what the flavor of an actual hazelnut is. The texture of hazelnuts is as creamy as the taste. They’re smooth with a nice crunch, though not like peanuts or almonds. Roasted hazelnuts, on the other hand, are crunchier, just like most roasted nuts. Just be careful not to roast them too long or they’ll lose their creamy texture. Here are the top 10 Hazelnut Biscuits you can find in Malaysia!

1. Nabati Bites Hazelnut

Nabati Bites Hazelnut
Image credit: Tesco

Nabati wafer is a crunchy wafer with layers of rich cream. It will be your healthier choice of snacks that contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12.  This wafer is made with premium ingredients with the hazelnut cream as layers. It’s suitable to grab it as on-the-go snacks or snacking while watching your favorite movies. 

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Whey Powder, Hazelnut Paste(5.54%), Cocoa Powder, Vegetable Oil(contains Antioxidant TBHQ), Milk Powder, Maltodextrine, Soy Flour, Emulsifier Soy Lecithin, Salt, Synthetic Flavour(Vanilla and Milk), Leavening Agent Sodium Bicarbonate.

Size (measurement): 150g

Price: RM3.99

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

2. JQ x Snackies | Chipsmore Chocolate Chips Cookies Biscuits (Hazelnuts)

JQ x Snackies Chipsmore Chocolate Chips Cookies Biscuits Hazelnuts
Image credit: BigGo Malaysia

Chipsmore chocolate chip cookies are halal certified by JAKIM. 

More chips! more yum! With the rich chocolate and hazelnuts flavour and nuts, this could definitely satisfy your sweet craving. Grab some chipsmore chocolate chips when you need some energy.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Palm), Chocolate Chips (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Powder, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat & Oil (Shea, Palm, Palm Kernel), Dextrose, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin (INS322), Sorbitan Tristearate (INS492)), Flavours), Hazelnuts, Tapioca Starch, Cocoa Powder, Raising Agents (Ammonium Bicarbonate (INS503(ii)), Sodium Bicarbonate (INS500(ii), Acid Pyrophosphate (INS450(i))), Salt, Emulsifier (Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (INS481(i))), Flavours, Food Additives are of Plant and Synthetic Origins.

Size (measurement): 163.2g

Price: RM9.80

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

3. Walkers Biscuit Chocolate Chunk & Hazelnut

Walkers Biscuit Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut
Image credit: Shopee

Walkers Biscuit is a biscuits filled with chocolate chunks and hazelnut. Treat yourself with a chocolate chunk & hazelnut biscuits with a cup of tea when you need some energy or craving for some sweets in the middle of doing work.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), sugar, dark chocolate chunks (16%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin; natural vanilla flavouring), butter (milk), vegetable oils (rapeseed, palm), hazelnuts (8%), golden syrup (partially inverted refiners syrup), raising agents: sodium bicarbonate, disodium diphosphate; natural flavouring.

Size (measurement): 150g

Price: RM16.34

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

4. My Motto Cocoa Hazelnut Wafer  

My Motto Cocoa Hazelnut Wafer
Image credit: Shopee

A convenience pack of this cocoa hazelnut flavour wafer is the choice for snacking while on the way to school or work. It’s a wafer biscuits made in Bulgaria with halal certification. Recharge your energy with taking this cocoa hazelnut wafer now.

Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Fully Hydrogenated Coconut Fat, Coconut Fat, Whey Powder, Cocoa Powder 5%, Cocoa Mas, Dextrose, Hazelnut Paste 0.8%, Skimmed milk Powder, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin; Flavouring: Hazelnut, Chocolate, Ethyl Vanillin, Raising Agent: Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate; Sunflower Oil, Salt.

Size (measurement): 34g

Price: RM1.80

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

 5. Korea Crown Heim Chocolate White Cream Hazelnut 

Korea Crown Heim Chocolate White Cream Hazelnut
Image credit: Lazada

Enjoy these crisp wafers with the white cream and hazelnut filling as your on-the-go snacks. The crispness of the wafer and the rich mellow white cream and hazelnut cream will satisfy your sweet craving. It’s easy to eat and bring anywhere since it comes with 6 small packers in a box. 

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Palm Oil, Corn Starch, Corn Oil, Hazelnut (4.3%), Skim Milk Powder (1.5%), Emulsifier (E322 From Soy), Salt, Vanilla Flavour. 

Size (measurement): 47g

Price: RM6.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

6. Ferrero Hanuta Hazelnut Wafers

Ferrero Hanuta Hazelnut Wafers
Image credit: Pasar Raya Desa Segar

Ferrero Hanuta is wafer snacks made from Italy. It has a unique nutty sweetness and a slightly sour taste that you might have not tried before. But getting a new try is not always a bad thing. 

Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable fat, wheat flour, hazelnuts (13%), sweet whey powder, fat reduced cocoa, whole milk chocolate (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier lecithin (soy), vanilla), skimmed milk powder, flavors, salt, semisweet chocolate, concentrated butter, emulsifier lecithin (soy), dextrose, raising agent sodium hydrogen carbonate, vanilla.

Size (measurement): 220g

Price: RM18.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

7. Cosway Mildura Hazelnut Cream-Filled Cookies

Cosway Mildura Hazelnut Cream Filled Cookies
Image credit: Cosway

This Cosway Mildura cookie is a hazelnut cream-filled cookie that comes with individual packs which is able to be brought everywhere and it’s convenient to eat. Enjoy the cream-filled cookies with the rich and delicious fillings now with your loves. 

Ingredients: Delicious cream-filled cookies with melt-in-your-mouth filling. Individually-packed for freshness and convenience.

Size (measurement): 200g

Price: RM8.40

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

8. Gery Chocolatos Wafer Roll – Hazelnut 

Gery Chocolatos Wafer Roll Hazelnut

Gery chocolatos wafer rolls are made from Indonesia with halal certification. The chocolatos wafer rolls with hazelnut filling are popular among adults and children because of the sweet texture and fillings. 

Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil (contain Antioxidant TBHQ), Maltodextrin, Cocoa Powder, Dextrose Monohydrate, Milk Powder, Hazelnut (5.2%), Shortening, Tapioca Flour, Vegetable Emulsifier, Natural Food Colouring Caramel IV, Salt, Synthetic Flavour (Hazelnut, Vanilla).

Size (measurement): 160g

Price: RM4.50

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

9. Julie‘s Lemond Puff Sandwich Biscuit Chocolate Hazelnut 

Julie‘s Lemond Puff Sandwich Biscuit Chocolate Hazelnut
Image credit: Shopee

Julie’s chocolate hazelnut puff sandwich biscuits are made in Malaysia. A healthy snack choice to choose because it’s cholesterol free and also a halal certified biscuits that is suitable for everyone to enjoy. It has a 1 year shelf life and comes with multipacks. 

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Sugar, Dextrose Monohydrate, Cocoa Powder, Hazelnut Paste, Whey Powder, Cocoa Mass, Skimmed Milk Powder, Glucose Syrup, Salt, Soya Lecithin (E322), Leavening Agent: [Disodium Diphosphate (E450(i)), Sodium Bicarbonate (E500), Ammonium Bicarbonate (E503)], Cheese Powder, Yeast, Permitted Flavouring – Hazelnut Flavour.

Size (measurement): 180g

Price: RM5.50

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

10. Halal Meiji Yan Yan Biscuit Chocolate Hazelnut 

Halal Meiji Yan Yan Biscuit Chocolate Hazelnut
Image credit: Shopee

Meiji is a well-known Japanese snacks brand. Yan Yan Biscuit with the chocolate hazelnut flavour is an ideal snack for spending time while you are alone or gathering with your friends. Sharing some chocolate hazelnut sticks with your friends while having conversation will also make you closer with your friends. 

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oils (Palm, Soybean, Sunflower, Hydrogenated Rapeseed), Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Skim Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Hazelnut Paste, Cocoa Powder, Salt, Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Emulsifiers (Lecithin, Sucrose Esters Of Fatty Acids), Cheese Powder (Cheddar Cheese, Whey, Emulsifier (Disodium Phosphate), Acidity Regulator (Lactic Acid)), Yeast, Artificial Flavours (Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut And Nut Roasted).

Size (measurement): 44g

Price: RM3.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

Note: This list was compiled by the team at My Weekend Plan after extensive research and shared opinions to suggest helpful recommendations for the public. More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered, if you have any other great suggestions too, please email us [email protected] The sequence of brands is in no particular order.

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