Top 10 Konjac Rice in Malaysia

Konjac is a dietary supplement for weight loss and cholesterol management. There are few konjac foods such as noodles, jelly, and rice. Therefore, there are few benefits of konjac. As known, konjac is low in calories, so it does help with losing weight, especially for those who are worried about gaining weight if they have rice or noodles. Now, choose konjac rice over regular rice no matter if you are on a diet or not, since konjac has many health benefits. Get a try, you won’t regret it.


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EZ Konjac keto rice is a halal certified keto rice brand in Hong Kong. It has a 12 months shelf life. It’s a low calorie, low carb, sugar free rice that is also suitable for vegetarian consumers.  It would be great if consumed within 3 days after opening, if not stored in a cool and dry place such as refrigerator but do not freeze it. 

Ingredients: Purified water, konjac flour, and hydrated lime.

Size (measurement): 270g

Price: RM35.88 (7 packs)

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

2. Shirataki Konjac Rice

Shirataki Konjac Rice
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This konjac rice is made in Sichuan, China. It is made with natural ingredients with free fat, sugar free, and no salt. Konjac rice is a healthy meal replacement that can be an alternative to plain white rice. Also, this konjac rice is a low carbohydrate rice which can help with weight control and is convenient to eat. 

Ingredients: Water, Konjac flour, and Citric acid.

Size (measurement): 260g

Price: RM3.50

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

3. Signature Market Shirataki Instant Konjac Rice

Signature Market Shirataki Instant Konjac Rice
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Signature Market brand instant konjac rice does not contain any sugar or fat. It comes with packs that are easy to serve at any time and anywhere. For example, konjac rice can be served as konjac fried rice, sushi, or salad bowls, which are good recipes to enjoy to maintain your health. 

Ingredients: Water, Konjac Flour, and Citric Acid.

Size (measurement): 270g x 3 packs

Price: RM18.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

4. 10 pack Konjac Kurus Food (Rice)

Konjac Kurus Food Rice
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Konjac Kurus is a natural healthy rice that is made from konjac plant, which can be served as regular food, even not on a diet. It is not a food supplement, but it is rich in fibre which can also help the diet more effectively and quickly through dietary control, but it is still delicious.

Ingredients: Konjac powder 3%, Citric Acid 0.01%, and purified water 96.99%. 

Size (measurement): 200g x 10

Price: RM56.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

5. Ketoslim Mo – Konjac Instant Rice

Ketoslim Mo Konjac Instant Rice
Image credit: Keto Slim Konjac

Ketoslim Mo’s konjac instant ric is an organic konjac rice that is made in China with a 18 months shelf life. It’s a healthier choice if you are looking for a low calorie carbohydrate food. It’s a 0% cholesterol and gluten free rice that does not contain any sugar, any fats. This konjac rice also gets certified by HACCP, BRC, IFS, HALAL, Kosher, CE, JAS.

Ingredients: Konjac flour, water, and Citric Acid.

Size (measurement): 270g

Price: RM6.50

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

6. Korean DAESHIN (Dodam Konjac Rice)

Korean DAESHIN Dodam Konjac Rice
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DAESHIN Dodam Konjac Rice is made in Korea, which is made within the same taste and texture as the regular rice but it’s cooked in low calorie. It doesn’t contain any sweet or oil, which is a healthy choice to enjoy as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Ingredients: Contains 73% Korean konjac rice, 17% Dodam rice, and 10% Rice.

Size (measurement): 150g

Price: RM13.85

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

7. MOKI Konjac Rice

MOKI Konjac Rice
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MOKI is a thailand brand of konjac rice which has a HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001:2015 certification. It’s a high fiber and gluten free rice compared with regular rice. It is suitable for all consumers especially for diabetes since it’s made with no sugar and has no cholesterol. 

Ingredients: Water 91.7% Oat Fiber, 3.6% Konjac powder, 3.5% Stabilizer (INS:1442), 1% Calcium Hydroxide (INS:526).

Size (measurement): 280g

Price: RM6.50

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

8. Sunspin Konjac Rice

Sunspin Konjac Rice
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Sunspin Konjac Rice is a 100% high quality konjac food. It also has a halal certification that is recognised by JAKIM. It’s a keto-friendly food that has no fishy smell. This konjac rice contains fibre that could help to increase your daily fibre intake if having an amount in a meal.

Ingredients: Konjac flour and water.

Size (measurement): 270g

Price: RM4.95

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

9. Sedap Konjac Food (Rice)

Sedap Konjac Food Rice
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Sedap Konjac Rice is a halal certified food, a low carb and low calories rice that is compared with other regular rice. It’s suitable for everyone, especially for those who are looking for low fat food. It could be better if you store it at room temperature or fridge it after opening. 

Ingredients: Purified Water, Konjac Powder, and Citric Acid.

Size (measurement): 270g

Price: RM4.95

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

10. JAPAN Nakaki Premium Konjac Rice

JAPAN Nakaki Premium Konjac Rice
Image credit: Grusonn eStore

Nakaki konjac premium konjac rice is well seasoned and you don’t have to spend extra time preparing it. Konjac is a substitute for gelatin to thicken food or increase texture on foods. Having konjac rice is good for our health. It is a type of rice that is rich in fibre, and can help to reduce fasting blood sugar, weight loss, or for cholesterol control. 

Ingredients: Konjac powder, water.

Size (measurement): 180g

Price: RM9.50

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

Note: This list was compiled by the team at My Weekend Plan after extensive research and shared opinions to suggest helpful recommendations for the public. More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered, if you have any other great suggestions too, please email us [email protected] The sequence of brands is in no particular order.

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