Top 10 Best Types of Pasta to Eat 2022

Ever felt puzzled by the types of pasta that you can get from the grocery store? We understand that feeling quite well. There’s so many to choose from but are they all the same anyway after you cook them? They are not created for just fun designs but each with a purpose that makes the dish even better. Let’s take a look at some of them!

1. Elbow Macaroni

Elbow Macaroni
Image credit: Klaus Nielsen from Pexels

Most people might know it as pasta for macaroni and cheese but it’s also great for casserole dishes. It comes in small sizes and a tube in the middle that catches a little bit of those delicious sauces. Perfect for scooping them and tasting the juicy sauce as it bursts in your mouth when you bite into that macaroni. 

Price: RM 3.20

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

2. Penne

Image credit: Klaus Nielsen from Pexels

This one has a diagonal cut at the end of its tube-shaped body but it is large enough to hold onto thick sauces. Additionally, it is also great for casseroles because the structure can keep most of your sauces’ flavour locked into it until it is munch time. 

Price: RM 3.20

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

3. Spaghetti

Image credit: Klaus Nielsen from Pexels

If you want noodles then the spaghetti variation is the pasta to go for. They have different levels of thicknesses that are named differently like the angel’s hair for the thinnest type and Fettucine or Linguine for a thicker one.  

Price: RM 3.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

4. Fusilli

Image credit: Oleg Magni from Pexels

Fusilli has a twisty structure that makes it great to catch any bits of vegetables, meat, and thick sauces. Thanks to that as well, it can be quite sturdy so you don’t have to worry about being rough when stirring it. It also tastes wonderful in casseroles and pasta salads

Price: RM 4.42

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

5. Lasagne

Image credit: freepik

A certain orange cat loves this dish a lot and who wouldn’t? Lasagne is a layered pasta where you can put savoury sauces and meat in between them. You can simply slice it through and enjoy the juicy delight that pleases your tastebuds. 

Price: RM 4.23

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

6. Pappardelle

Image credit: Shopee

If you thought spaghetti was the only noodle pasta then you’d be pleased to know that it isn’t. Pappardelle offers a thicker yet flat noodle experience for those who love a fuller sensation while chowing down on some hearty sauce like bolognese dishes. 

Price: RM 9.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

7. Farfalle

Image credit: Klaus Nielsen from Pexels

Who said anything about not having fun designs in pasta because Farfalle over here brings the bowtie to the party. While it does look unique, it can hold your sauces in between their crevices and offers you a bigger bite. Try making one with a creamy sauce or add it to the list of pasta salads. 

Price: RM 4.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

8. Conchiglie

Image credit: IStock

It is also known as the shell pasta because of the way it looks and you can bet that this type will cling onto the sauces like a bowl embracing meals. There’s not much like it if you want something that holds a lot of that sauce’s flavours. 

Price: Rm 4.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

9. Gnocchi

Image credit: freepik

Gnocchi uses a potato base combined with some flour and eggs which already makes it different from the other kinds of pasta. It is quite chewy and dense when you bite into it but tastes great if you soak it in some tasty sauces that penetrate the texture. 

Price: RM 8.80

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

10. Orzo

Image credit: freepik

Orzo looks like grains of rice but it is also a type of pasta. It is incredibly small in size but fulfilling enough if you add it to soups or pasta salads. Similar to how you would eat rice, it has a nice texture and you don’t have to worry too much about it expanding into a larger size after boiling. 

Price: RM 14.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

What to consider for pasta:

  • Salt your water to season the pasta.
  • Occasionally stir the pasta in the boiling water to prevent them from sticking to each other. 
  • Do not put oil in the water because later on, your sauce will not stick to the pasta.

As mentioned in detail, different types are better suited for different cuisines so give it some thought before you start purchasing those packs of pasta. It feels extra special now that you know what the types do for your dishes and personally took the time to choose one best suited for the moment. Have fun shopping!

Disclosure: This list was compiled by the team at My Weekend Plan after extensive research and shared opinions to suggest helpful recommendations for the public. The sequence of brands is in no particular order so if you have any other great suggestions too, please email us [email protected]. For more information, kindly refer to our copyright, privacy & disclosure policy.

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