Top 10 Best Internet Service Providers in Malaysia 2023

Since dial-up, internet speed has significantly improved. We can now do e-commerce, play multiplayer online games, video contact our loved ones, and stream HD movies without any problems. And this is all due to the development of broadband internet technology, which today provides fiber limitless internet options at reasonable prices.

How do you know which of Malaysia’s numerous Internet service providers including Unifi, Maxis, and Celcom offers the best and quickest home broadband plan? How do you choose which offer to accept? Here are the top 10 best internet service providers in Malaysia 2023. 

What do you mean by Internet?

Computers all over the world are connected by a huge global network called the Internet. People can share information and converse via the Internet from any location with an Internet connection.

What is the importance of the Internet?

The internet provides us with information, knowledge, and data that are useful for our personal, social, and economic development. Although there are many benefits for the internet, how we use it in our daily lives depends on our own needs and objectives.

Top 10 Best Internet Service Providers in Malaysia 2023

1. Time Fiber Business Internet

Image Credit: TIME
Image Credit: TIME broadband

TIME is one of the fastest and most dependable fiber telecom providers that came to mind. They provide the customers with value-added and secure services at a speed of 1Gbps throughout all of Malaysia. To satisfy its customers’ insatiable demands, TIME works tirelessly every day. Its plans range in price from RM 99 for 100 Mbps up to RM 199 for 1 Gbps per month. If you sign up for a plan with a data speed of more than 100 Mbps, TIME will give you a free DECT phone worth RM 149 as well as free calls for 30 to 300 minutes per month.


  • High speed internet with no lock in period
  • Occasional rewards by portal
  • Provide router and optical network unit with any subscription 
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2. Unifi Business Fiber Broadband

Image Credit: Unifi business
Image Credit: Soyacincau

This unlimited data broadband service is appealing in part because it is simple to use for the majority of Malaysians. There are many locations for their support centers, and you are entitled to 600 minutes of free calling before being charged 10 cents per minute after that. The plan also includes a Plus Box that allows you to access channels and movies, including blockbusters. The upload speed limit on the internet is 100 Mbps, and the download speed limit is 500 Mbps. The only catch is that in order to take advantage of this otherwise excellent offer, you must sign a 24-month contract. productnation


  • Available for most homes including landed properties
  • Free 600-minute calls
  • Free TV package for 6 months productnation
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3. Unifi AirTM

Image Credit: Soyacincau
Image Credit: Shopee

With Unifi AirTM, their mesh routers that are WiFi 6 certified, you can create a mesh wifi network that significantly expands your wifi coverage, guaranteeing that every area of your house has a reliable wireless connection. If you pay the increased monthly recurring charges for the upgraded service plan, you can upgrade your service plan at any moment during the contract duration.


  • High speed 
  • Can be connected to multi device at once
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4. Maxis OneBusiness Fiber

Image Credit: Maxis
Image Credit: Maxis-fibre nation

Maxis is one of the best possibilities if you’re thinking about using internet service other than TIME. It offers speeds between 30 Mbps and 800 Mbps at fairly affordable prices between RM 89 and RM 299 per month. The cheapest package for a home demand of 30Mbps gives you unlimited data, up to 2 devices per user, and free installation from Maxperts. You will be charged extra for local calls, which cost RM0.09 per minute to landlines and mobiles. However, if you subscribe to a plan with 100 Mbps or more, you can use an infinite amount of calling credit.


  • Combine plans for mobile and home internet service provider
  • Free 2 units of Mesh Wifi device upon 500Mbps or above.
  • Offer e-Sim card to reduce physical SIM
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5. Celcom Business Wireless

Image Credit: Multicom

Celcom asserts that it provides consistently excellent customer service coupled with cutting-edge goods and services, making it one of the most interesting digital telecom companies. One of the most established, cutting-edge, and closely held companies in the telecom sector is thriving to spread its 4G services across the country.


  • Free 10GB internet data for specific apps (for monthly offer) 
  • Free 500MB internet data (for monthly offer)
  • Telco with the best coverage in Malaysia productnation
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6. Celcom Business AllShare

Image Credit: Facebook
Image Credit: Celcom

Celcom has the biggest coverage area and the most dependable network. Numerous prepaid, postpaid, and broadband options are available from Celcom to its customers at such affordable prices. Additionally, it provides limitless high-speed fiber internet with upload and download speeds of 30Mbps for just RM 80 per month. Additionally, it provides limitless high-speed fiber internet with download and upload speeds of 30Mbps for just RM 80 per month.


  • Stable signal with no buffering
  • Cover urban areas and 8,00 hotspot nationwide
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7. Go Digi WiFi

Image Credit: Digi
Image Credit: Blogspot

Digi is one of the newest telecom providers, empowering 11.3 million users throughout Malaysia. It provides its customers with services like postpaid, prepaid, broadband, and other accessories. Plans start at RM 130 per month and include high speed broadband for residential spaces. If you’d like, you may even combine it with your inexpensive Digi postpaid plan. Plans from Digi range from 100 Mbps to 1Gbps.


  • Auto-renewal as long as there’s leftover credit productnation
  • Top-up charges available productnation
  • No relocation fee needed if account is registered under same name
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8. U Mobile Postpaid Broadband

Image Credit: U-mobile
Image Credit: U-mobile

U Mobile is a mobile data service provider that focuses on data and has won numerous awards. We were able to be the first in our market to provide a variety of products and services, like freebie broadband for prepaid plans, micro-financing for phones, and unlimited internet to customers at extremely low prices, thanks to their quick response to changes in consumer behavior and needs.


  • Capable of single RAN for 4G LTE-A
  • Able to transition to %G via software updates
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9. YooDo

Image Credit: Yoodo
Image Credit: Soyacincau

Yoodo is Malaysia’s first unlimited and customized mobile internet service. In contrast to other comparable mobile broadband plans, Yoodo’s strikes a nice mix between internet speed, cost, and the quantity of hotspot internet that can be shared. You can choose a megabyte speed per second between 3 and 6 for Yoodo’s Unlimited mobile plan, as well as up to 4000 phone call minutes and 300 texts. You can select to have up to 20GB of hotspot data, of course.


  • Full online customer support
  • No cancellation fees or contracts 
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10. YTL Broadband Bbiz

Image Credit: YTL broadband
Image Credit: Yellowbees

YTL Communications Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-based company, which offers YES 4G LTE mobile Internet with voice, is YTL Broadband Sdn. Bhd. YTL Broadband uses cutting-edge fiber optic technology to provide high speed fixed broadband with phone services to residential and commercial complexes.


  • Enable office wifi with voice
  • High Speed unlimited internet
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