Top 10 Best Things To Do in Bukit Gasing 2023

Bukit Gasing is an excellent place for hiking and is recommended for moderate-level hikers. The best time to start your hike is early morning, as it would be less crowded. Bukit Gasing is also filled with lush greenery, where you would hear the sounds of animals such as birds, monkeys, and insects.

When planning for a hike up Bukit Gasing, you can choose from easy to slightly tricky trails, depending on your fitness level and the time you have to complete your hike. Check out these 10 best things to do at Bukit Gasing and start planning your adventure today!

Where Do You Park When Going For a Hike At Bukit Gasing?

Suppose you enter Bukit Gasing through the Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing entrance. In that case, you can park near Raju Restaurant or at a small parking area around a hundred meters from the entrance. If you enter through the Pantai Hillpark entrance, there are a lot of parking spaces nearby, such as at the Lembah Pantai Community Centre.

Is There a Place For Shelter If It Rains?

Yes, there is a shelter about 250 meters from the entrance of Bukit Gasing. However, check the weather forecasts, bring a raincoat, and wear proper hiking shoes to ensure that your shoes have a proper grip in the event it rains.

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Are There Signboards Along the Hike Up Bukit Gasing?

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10 Best Things To Do in Bukit Gasing 2023

1. Start Your Hike Through Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing – the Archway

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Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing is the main arch entrance of Bukit Gasing. If you take this route, you can park near Raju Restaurant or at a small parking area around a hundred meters from the entrance. When you enter, you will reach a brick road with a paved pathway which leads to a dirt road. Signboards will guide you along the way, so you just have to follow the directions to avoid getting lost. You will also come across a wooden platform where you can rest and take memorable pictures with friends.

Operating Hours: All-day

Address: Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing, Bukit Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Google Map: Navigate Now

Google Reviews: Here

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2. Try the Pantai Hillpark Entrance

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You can also try hiking Bukit Gasing through the Pantai Hillpark entrance. The entrance can be accessed opposite Saville @ The Park, Bangsar. At this entrance, many parking lots are nearby, such as at the Lembah Pantai Community Centre. This route will take you to the Bukit Abu Bakar Trail, and along the trail, you will pass by two benches with a split pathway. The left would be the path to the lookout tower, and the right is to the hanging bridge.

Location: Pantai Hillpark Entrance (GPS: 3.103800, 101.661053)

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3. Enter Bukit Gasing Through Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi

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Another entrance to Bukit Gasing would be through Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi. This route offers an easy trail hike for beginners, and it is a comfortable hike under the shade of towering trees up to the peak. However, remember to bring a map or a navigation device and follow the open routes, as there is a lack of signboards along this trail. Lastly, reaching the peak from this entrance takes around an hour.

Operating Hours: 6:30 am – 7:00 pm daily

Address: Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi, Bukit Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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4. Cross the Steel Bridge

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The Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi entrance also leads to a magnificent steel bridge stretching from one end to another. Upon exiting the bridge and before entering the woods, you will come across a quaint and well-manicured garden with clear pathways. Before beginning your hike, you can have a short picnic here while enjoying the fresh air and peaceful surroundings.

Operating Hours: 6:30 am – 7:00 pm daily

Location: Steel Bridge at Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi: (GPS: 3.096630, 101.662852)
Google Map: Navigate Now

5. Go Through the Indian Temple Entrance

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If you want to try a less travelled pathway to the peak of Bukit Gasing, try the Maha Sivan Alayam Temple route. To access the route, go to the back of TM Bukit Gasing next to the temple to enter. The temple is located in a secluded part of Bukit Gasing, and there are usually not many hikers along this trail. Therefore, as a precaution, it is recommended that you hike in a group or with friends to avoid getting lost.

Location: Entrance Behind Maha Sivan Alayam Temple (GPS: 3.0920672844443646, 101.65868695996757)

Google Map: Navigate Now

6. Take a Photograph of the Panoramic View

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When hiking through the Indian temple entrance, a flight of stairs heads up to the temple area with several boulders at the side of the stairs. Although it is not recommended, many hikers take daring pictures by climbing up those boulders to get a photograph of the unobstructed skyline. When you reach the top, you can rest while taking gorgeous panoramic pictures of the city view or sunset.

Location: Entrance Behind Maha Sivan Alayam Temple (GPS: 3.0920672844443646, 101.65868695996757)

Google Map: Navigate Now

7. Try a Different Pathway Through the Suspension Bridge Entrance

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You will pass by a signboard and come across a forked pathway before reaching the suspension bridge. All paths lead to the suspension bridge, so it does not matter whether you choose the left or right path. If you take the left route, it would be a steep descent; on the other hand, if you take the right route, you will have to climb a flight of stairs before finally arriving at the suspension bridge where a five-metre gap between you and the person in front of you is required.

Operating Hours: All-day

Address: Suspension Bridge, Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing, Jalan 5/4j, Bukit Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Google Map: Navigate Now

Google Reviews: Here

8. Explore the Abandoned Houses

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While hiking at Bukit Gasing, you will arrive at an abandoned house on your right at the end of a downhill road. There is a split road with cement walkways here, and on the left, you will come across another abandoned house. The houses are run down with graffiti on their walls and covered with moss and tree branches. Despite the houses being in ruins, it is still an interesting sight to see along the way.

9. Meet New Like-Minded Friends

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What’s better than going on a relaxing hike and meeting new friends? There are many rests stops along the hike up Bukit Gasing, where you will meet other hikers with similar interests and exciting stories to tell. Most hikers here are friendly, and the regulars are always willing to help guide you along the right paths if you ask for their help.

10. Admire the Flora and Fauna Along the Hike

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While Hiking Bukit Gasing, watch for animals and insects such as squirrels, snakes, and birds. You can also spot tiny snails on leaves and monitor lizards, millipedes, and rare butterflies. Aside from that, you will come across many types of flowers and various uniquely coloured wild mushrooms that come in all shapes and sizes. If you love nature photography, bring your DSLR, and you can be sure you will return home with a fantastic collection of exciting pictures.

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