Top 8 Best Types of Durian In Malaysia 2022

Durian season is coming! We are here to bring you to the wonderful durian world. Aren’t you drooling now? Durian lovers, come and grab a seat! Many locals and even foreign tourists enjoy durian because of its creamy texture and bittersweet flavour. In contrast, some of them were put off by the pungent smell. 

However, this does not change the fact that Malaysia is one of the top exporters of durians. Malaysia has an abundance of durians, especially during the durian season. This year’s durian season in Malaysia starts running from July to September! As Malaysians, we should be proud of our national king of fruit-Durian as it has made our country famous while providing many job opportunities for our residents. Let’s learn more about them! Here, we will introduce you to Malaysia’s 8 best types of durian. 

Which durian type is the best?

We cannot answer which is the best, but it depends on individual preferences. Some people prefer the bittersweet flavour, while others prefer the sweet taste. The majority of people will like Musang King, which is claimed to be the richest and best-tasting durian ever cultivated. It is a premium-class durian. Hence it is more costly.

How do I know what type of durian I have?

You can look out for the pyramid-shaped thorns at the base of the stem. For example, Musang King has a unique starfish-shaped pattern found at the bottom of the durian. 

8 Best Types of Durian In Malaysia 2022

1. Musang King Durian

Musang King Durian
Image credit: Plantations International

The Musang King durian is a kind of durian that typically weighs between two and four kilograms and often has the shape of an oval that is slightly lopsided with a long stem. Their surface is covered with broad, pyramidal spikes in yellow, brown, and green. Musang King durians feature vertical seams linking a flat crown around the stem to a brown star on the bottom. It has a bittersweet flavor, rich with custardy texture. Also, it may be found in many delicious treats including ice cream, pastries, and even coffee.

2. D24 Durian

D Durian
Image credit: Shopee

The D24 durian is one of the most popular in Malaysia, serving as a cheaper alternative to the Musang King. It has a distinctive green shell and pale-yellow flesh. How to differentiate it from Musang King? Musang King durians have a dusky green tan, with coloration varying from the tip of the thorns, whereas the D24 has a bright green. Moreover, the Musang King’s thorns are scattered and pyramidal, but the D24’s are crowded. It is mostly sweet, but if it ferments for a long time, it can become bitter and taste strongly of alcohol.

3. Red Prawn Durian

Red Prawn Durian
 Image credit: Vkeong

The Red Prawn durian is also called Hong Xia in Mandarin. This is because its yellow-reddish flesh looks like a prawn. The shell of the Red Prawn durian is brown and has short thorns all over it. Their texture is slightly more sticky than others. The taste is pleasant, with a hint of sweetness in the aftertaste.

4. XO Durian

XO Durian
 Image credit: The Durian Villa

This durian is unique in that it has an ‘alcohol-like’ aftertaste. This is because the durian has fermented owing to the fermentation that occurs when it ripens. The skin is pale yet silky. It is worth trying! 

5. Tekka Durian

Tekka Durian
Image credit: Harvocart

Durian Tekka, also known as Green Bamboo, gets its name from its greenish-yellow shell, which is similar to bamboo. The shell is oval to ellipsoid in shape, green and rough, with widely spaced spines. It is also called Musang Queen! This durian is famous for its brownish-yellow, creamy, bitter flesh that usually has a bitter taste.

6. Black Thorn Durian

Black Thorn Durian
 Image credit: Harvocart

Black Thorn is tinted vivid yellow and rosy orange, with a dense core and a reddish-brown stripe running down the centre of the durian. The flesh of the Black Thorn is rich and creamy with a slight hint of bitterness.

7. Black Pearl Durian

Black Pearl Durian
 Image credit: Direct Durian

Black Pearl Durian is also known as “Hei Zhen Zhu” in Mandarin. It is smaller than the normal durian fruit, but it makes up for its abundance of pale and yellowish flesh that are smooth and creamy in texture. It has a slightly bitter flavour, making it ideal for individuals who dislike strong, overbearing durians.

8. Golden Phoenix Durian

Image credit:

Golden Phoenix is also known as Jin Feng in Mandarin. There’s a unique sweetness and bitterness to the flavour of Golden Phoenix Durian. The seeds are small, and the texture is delicate. The flesh of the Golden Phoenix Durian is a light yellow colour. Golden Phoenix is difficult to cultivate and is only found in Pahang and Johor. As a result, Golden Phoenix is more well-known in Singapore.

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