This Is What You Can Do If You’re Bored At Home During Quarantine

We don’t have to deny it. We’ve all been wondering what-in-the-world can we do at home? 

Well your little missy here might be able to help.

From online escape rooms to juggling (hahaha) – here is a list of some of the best things you can do during the lockdown!


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Online Escape Rooms! If you have been to an actual escape room, you will already know why this is so fun. YOU ARE REALLY STUCK IN A ROOM! Left with clues, you have to solve a puzzle or set of challenges to escape. It’s similar for the online versions as well, where you can’t proceed to finish the game until you solve the questions or challenges. IT GETS REALLY FUN WITH FRIENDS. You will have to co-opt to solve it otherwise you’re going to be stuck in there together lol.

You can find many online escape rooms these days. Some are free like the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room and some of them require to be booked and paid to play, for example, The Fourth Samurai Escape Room. There are even lots of computer escape room games that plenty of fun!


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I’m sure you must have missed out on some of those really good movies. So now is the best time to catch up on them! Watch it on Netflix or other sites that are ‘convenient’ for you (123 movies? #iykyk)

You can also check out some really good original Netflix series such as the below:

If you want something scary but also with a deep meaning – Girl From Nowhere

For kindred spirits wanting to make the world a little bit more beautiful – Anne With An ‘E’

If you wanna see oppa help a girl with physiological issues – It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

I’ve personally watched these and enjoyed them.


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Imagine drinking some cool cocktails you made yourself on a sunny day at home. AHHH~. PERFECT! You can easily buy cocktail home sets online and start making it at home if you miss going out to get some. 

Here are some of the [insert article] best and easiest cocktail recipes you can make at home.


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Enjoy concerts from your home! Of course it’s going to feel different compared to an actual concert, but you can still see your favourite celebrities and enjoy their music! So why not?

Plus who’s going to judge you dancing and jumping at home? You can do it as much as you want hahaha! Here’s a list of the Virtual Concerts in 2021.


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Tried this with my bestie and it was so fun! We video called and did some workouts together. Yoga, zumba, abs, you name it! It is great doing it with friends, because it motivates you to do better and makes it more enjoyable too.

Want some workout video suggestions? Try the below:

Zen Yoga by XHIT Daily – I love how she explains the moves, it’s so soothing.

Hustle and Shake by XHIT Daily – One of my favorite dance workouts!

15 min Ab Fit Test by blogilates – Cassey is super popular even amongst celebrities! She is all about helping you achieve your fitness goals.


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As an art enthusiast, you can check out virtual art exhibitions. Here is where you can appreciate and interpret various art pieces in your own way. It feels so interesting to see the works of different artists – it’s like a peek into their mind.

VOMA was the World’s First Virtual Museum that allows their users to view their exhibition via any device for free. If you’re into abstract art, check out Latinx Abstract .


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Follow in Salt Bae’s footsteps. Don’t just get take outs and eat ramen all the time. It is way healthier to cook your own food. Plus, there is a different type of satisfaction that comes from eating food you made yourself.

If you want great breakfast ideas, check these out, 20 go-to smoothie bowl ideas, 12 quick toasts and these VIRAL Tortilla Hacks.

Or perhaps some simple yet tasty dishes to make at home for example, fried squid or satay

Of course we gotta have desserts too, and what better dessert than mug cakes? It’s so quick and easy!


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GAME ON! Video games are an awesome way to spend time together with family and friends. The best part is that it is the easiest and most engaging way to spend time virtually together. 

You have a TON OF GAMES that you can play – goat simulators (yes, you read that right), superhero games, horror games, strategy games and more! You can play them on your consoles, computers or even on mobile! 

Wanna feel like a real hunter? Try the brilliant Monster Hunter: Iceborne. Amazing graphics and gaming experiences. If you like building stuff and pixelated graphics, try Minecraft. Or if you’re more into fast paced action and pretending you’re in an army, try Call Of Duty


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Just like books, you can learn a lot from people. On talk shows, you get to listen to people from all walks of life, share their experiences and how they dealt with different situations, which can all be very enlightening. 

Talk shows can also be so entertaining! There are sometimes weird games that the hosts play with the celebrities that can be so hilarious haha! 

Some really fun ones to check out are like TheEllenShow or The Late Late Show with James Corden.


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Heard of podcasts? You can listen to many different types of it – real life stories, crime, comedy and even some on politics too! 

There’s a lot out of podcasts out there that you can try. I usually listen to some on Spotify.


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Discovering new music that you love is always so satisfying right?! Why not check out some of those indie or independent artists, there are some real gems out there that you might have not discovered. Or perhaps try new music genres!

These are some incredible ones I came across lately and have been listening to it on repeat!

If you want some chill and soft, check out some R&B music like Let Go by Galimatias. What about something a bit more funky and in PORTUGESE? Try Drinkee by Sofi Tukker.

You have heard of KPOP, but have you heard of KR&B, check out Cigarette by OFFONOFF. 


If you haven’t yet got into it, now’s the time! 

Dalgona coffee is so easy to make yet looks so cool it could be in cafes! And there are many versions of it! 

Here are the Ultimate Dalgona Coffee Recipes and Variations to get you started and master dalgona!

13. ASMR

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Another popular thing going on right now. ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a tingling sensation or relaxing feeling you get as you listen to sounds made in ASMR videos. 

People may whisper, eat, cook or the weirder ones like, type a keyboard repeatedly, play with slime and a whole lot of other stuff, to make sounds that actually are quite satisfying to hear.

I’ve tried the cooking ones and that seems to be the ones I like the most. I usually check out Nino’s Home. (turn on the subs if you want to have a good laugh).


With so much time on your hands, why not take up some online courses? It could be baking classes, dancing classes or any other subject you’re interested in!

Some even provide certificates so you can actually use them for career advancements too!


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This is of course for people who love to read. Gather some of your other friends who love to read too and start exchanging books and talking about them and what you have learned or interpreted from the writings of the authors.

You may discover new light on certain topics that were in the book and gain a new outlook on how to address matters in your own life.


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That phrase is usually used right before eating to say ‘thanks for the food’ or like ‘let’s eat’. It can be really cool to know and learn a new language! So why not choose one you have interest in and go for it!

You can take up classes, or even watch foreign films and listen to foreign music with the translations to learn it. To be honest, a lot of people have picked up a new language this way!


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Sometimes all you need to brighten up your day are a few funny videos of cats or people.

So why not just wind down and relax with some hilarious videos online. There are so many that this could keep you occupied for the whole day!


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Did you know that it’s actually a hobby? Yeah it is! There are tons of other new hobbies or activities you can try out. Carving soap, hair styling, making art with dried leaves, the list is endless! 

So why not search for something you would like to do or create a new hobby of your own and tell your friends about it!


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Trust me on this one. I have learnt that sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. 

You tend to appreciate the silence and peace. And more often than not, you realize that there may be things in your mind that you want to address or deal with. So quiet time is necessary.

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