Ultimate Raya Kuih Guide – Classics and Twists | #No4 Looks So Instagrammable!

Remember how we used to go to our relatives’ houses and see those little containers or jars filled with various colorful kuih raya on the table? Then we kept eyeing it hoping secretly someone would tell us we could try it. Moments later, our mum or aunt notices how badly we want it (hahaha) and finally tells us that we can have it – and that’s when we get so excited and start gobbling!

Other than the joy of being with the people we love during Raya, the food is what makes us so hyped too! Because nothing beats homemade kuih raya. 

You might know some of these but you may have not actually known what they were called before. So let’s take a trip down memory late and check out the Ultimate Raya Kuih Guide!  

1. Pineapple tarts

Image Credit: tofoodwithlove

THE CLASSIC! Most of us have seen these pineapple tarts. It is a soft buttery tart with a little bit of texture and is wrapped around some juicy pineapple jam filling. 

Image Credit: theburningkitchen

Another version is called the open pineapple tart. (because it’s open you see haha) This one has a tart base that looks like a pretty flower then the pineapple filling is placed on top.

Image Credit: pinterest

This one is similar to the open pineapple tart but has an added pattern on top of the pineapple filling. It looks very homely. Like mini pie to me actually lol.

2. Semperit

Image Credit: hidangankhas

This is known as the Semperit Klasik. It is so soft and buttery. It usually has either colorful or chocolate sprinkles on top. Weeee sprinkles!

Image Credit: mykeuken

The other version is called the Semperit Dahlia. It is shaped like the yes you guessed it – Dahlia flower and has a cute little cherry on top. 

Image Credit: mykeuken

This colorful Semperit Dahlia with chocolate chip on top has been a trend too! It’s so pretty and is loved by kids!

3. Almond London or London Almond?

Image Credit: pikiyuri1984

Honestly don’t know if it is Almond London or London Almond, but that’s not what matters most, what matters is that IT TASTE SO AWESOME. This is almost everyone’s favourite. It has a whole almond coated with chocolate and topped with chopped nuts on top!

Image Credit: kuali.

Some have while chocolate drizzle on top instead of chopped nuts.

Image Credit: norazlitaaziz

You can find people decorating sometimes differently like this too. I must say that gives it a really romantic kind of look. Next Valentine idea perhaps?

4. Kuih Kapit / Love Letters

You can see this quite often too! It is also known as Love Letters because of how it is so thin like a letter and sweet like love letters hahahaha! It has beautiful patterns on it.

Image Credit: harrianns

This version is also famous. The rolled Love Letters..

Image Credit: whattocooktoday

This is so insta-worthy! It has beautiful pastel colors. I’m impressed!

5. Biskut Suji / Semolina Cookies

Image Credit: asianinspirations

I personally know a few people who are crazy over this! This smol cute cookie melts right in the mouth. You can find either red or green little cherries on top usually.

Image Credit: naivecookcooks

Some semolina cookies don’t have the cherry on top but still taste just as good.

6. Honey Cornflakes

Image Credit: 4ingredients

This is super simple to make! The main ingredients are honey and cornflakes then you throw in some butter and sugar for added flavor.

Image Credit: butterkicap

Some variations include colorful sprinkles like this!

Image Credit: simply-june

And these also some with almond flakes yum! Adds a nice flavor to each bite!

7. Cornflakes Cookies

Image Credit: rasamalaysia

This cookie is also made with cornflakes but it has more buttery flavor. Think of it like cornflake butter bombs hehe!

Image Credit: whattocooktoday

This variant is made by adding raisins.

8. Sarang Semut

Image Credit: asianinspirations

The Sarang Semut or also known as Ant’s Nest Cookies is called as such because it crumbles as you take a bite. It is filled with rainbow and chocolate sprinkles. 

Image Credit: asianfoodnetwork

Some only have chocolate sprinkles. You can customize it as you please.

9. Biskut Gajus / Cashew Nut Cookie

Image Credit: elmundoeats

Oh man I love this too! The milky flavor of the cookie that is brushed with egg yolk and then topped with a crunchy whole cashew – once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop.

Image Credit: elmundoeats

You can see them in other shapes like this heart-shaped one too! It’s so adorable.

10. Kuih Bangkit

Image Credit: mykeuken

A gluten-free cookie that crumbles beautifully. It is light and airy and has a rich and creamy coconut taste.

Image Credit: nofrillsrecipes

You can usually see the traditional designs have such intricate details. Then a little bit of red food coloring is added according to the design, for example if it was a rabbit shaped cookie, then the red coloring is added as the eye of the rabbit.

Image Credit: resepimudah

Some have more modern looking designs like this minimalist flower design.

11. Biskut Kacang Peas / Green Pea Biscuits

Image Credit: babab.net

Oh I love how this crunchy green cookies taste! It’s like eating that Miaow Miaow brand ‘green pea snack’ we used to have when we were young, but this is in the form of a cookie!

Image Credit: Ummi Naim

Some are added with a thin almond flake for more texture and taste.

Image Credit: suduxgarfu

You can also spot the pretty flower shaped ones at times!

12. Lidah Kucing

Image Credit: pinterest

Another popular one amongst the kids! Lidah Kucing directly translates to cat tongue, (WUT!) hahaha but don’t worry – it’s not actually made of that! It is just called that because of the rough texture on the surface and shape of the cookie that looks like a cat’s tongue.

Image Credit: keluarga

The colorful football version is also loved a lot by children.

13. Kuih Loyang / Kuih Ros

Image Credit: whattocooktoday

The is also known as the kuih ros because of its rose-like shape.

Image Credit: Na Cham Kitchen

You can also add food coloring to make it look more attractive. Pink or red coloring usually is added since it is in context that it is a rose shaped cookie.

Image Credit: Na Cham Kitchen

Some people have made it with a combination of colors, resulting in something beautiful like above.

There you have it! 13 Kuih Raya and their variations! I’m sure you wanna get some of these now cause I do too hahaha!

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