Ultimate Rendang Recipes and Variations | Which Ones Have You Tried?

Rendang, if you don’t already know (you have been missing out big time if you didn’t!), is a meat dish that is slow cooked and braised in coconut milk, seasoned with a handful of herbs and spices. Once the liquid evaporates and the essence is absorbed into the meat, it gets a dark brown color and becomes so tender and flavorful. The aroma is distinct and pleasing.

There are many, and I mean MANY VARIATIONS! They either are cooked with different types of meat for example, chicken, mutton or buffalo, rather than the usual beef. Some people prefer their rendang dry and some to have more liquid, so you can see changes there too. 

But I gotta say, they are all delicious in their own ways! So let’s take a look at those awesome variations! 

1. Rendang Daging Lembu (Beef Rendang)

So of course we’re going to start with The Classic Beef Rendang. You want to lick your screen right hehe!

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2. Rendang Kambing (Lamb Rendang)

If you’re into lamb, go for this one! It’s so tasty!

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3. Rendang Ayam (Chicken Rendang)

This is so simple and flavorful! Just look at it! Now wipe that drool xD

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4. Rendang Ati Ampela (Rendang made of chicken innard like liver)

Made with chicken liver! Also this will cost less to make, since chicken liver is much cheaper!

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5. Rendang Bilis (Anchovy Rendang)

I have always loved having anchovy with my nasi lemak, imagine having it in the form of rendang – OHMAIGAWH. 

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6. Rendang Nangka (Jackfruit Rendang)

Yes, not just meat, you can even use fruits to make rendang!  

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7. Rendang Sotong (Squid Rendang)

Seafood lovers, you will thank me for this! 

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8. Rendang Tok / Rendang Kering (Dry Rendang)

If you like your rendang dry, this is the one for you. This style of making rendang is actually from Perak, Malaysia.

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9. Rendang Daun / Rendang Pucuk Ubi (Rendang made with edible leaves) 

This rendang dish is popular in Negeri Sembilan. It’s great for those who love the taste of rendang but don’t prefer meat.

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10. Rendang Gabus / Rendang Ikan Haruan (Snakehead Fish Rendang)

Another one for the seafood lovers. It has a nutty and savoury flavor due to the keluak (black nut). Bear in mind this seed can be poisonous if not prepared properly. The seeds need to be boiled and buried for example in ash and banana leaves for forty days. They will turn from white to dark brown or black. This method is to release the hydrogen cyanide that is done by the boiling and fermentation.

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11. Rendang Tumbuk (Minced beef rendang that is pounded and form into balls)

This type of rendang is kinda cute haha! The meat is pounded and formed into small balls, a specialty in Sumatra.

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12. Rendang Itik (Duck Rendang)

It sounds peculiar, but it’s rendang, what could go wrong? xD

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13. Rendang Jamur  (Mushroom Rendang)

I would say this is one of the best ways to make use of mushrooms.

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14. Rendang Jantung Pisang (Banana Blossom Rendang)

Ok even I didn’t know you could use bananas in rendang!

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15. Rendang Ketam Bercili

Oh mama mia. This is going to be my best friend’s favourite. If you are a lover of rendang and crab like her, try this!

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16. Rendang Lokan / Rendang Tiram (Marsh Clam Rendang)

Ok I want to try this! I love clamssssss.

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17. Rendang Puyuh (Quail Bird Rendang)

Served with a side of steamed rice, uhhh this is heavenly.

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18. Rendang Tempe (Vegetarian variant of Rendang, where soybean cakes are used)

Vegetarians, you can still enjoy rendang! Try this version with tempe! It’s just as good!

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19. Rendang Tuna

It took me by surprise too! But I bet it tastes awesome!

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20. Rendang Udang (Prawn Rendang)

You’d be lying to me if you say you didn’t want to try this beautiful bowl of prawn rendang. (unless you’re allergic to prawns then, yes hahaha!)

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If you have any other great rendang recipes or any other delicious recipes, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them! 

You may also get a chance to be featured on our site!

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