Viral Tamparuli Nasi Lemak Stall in Shah Alam

This popular Tamparuli Nasi Lemak went viral years ago for his humble business across the sea from Sarawak to Shah Alam. It is located at Seksyen 18, Shah Alam, Selangor, near the KTM Shah Alam. You might wonder why this nasi lemak is getting viral and many people queue for it. Head to the stall to try this famous nasi lemak yourself! 

Start your day early by enjoying delicious nasi lemak at Tamparuli Nasi Lemak! 🌅

Tamparuli Nasi Lemak runs by Mohd Ali bin Jainneh but likes to be known as Ustaz Ali was born in Tamparuli, Sabah. He was an imam and a part-time lecturer in UiTM Sarawak. With 7 years of experience in the nasi lemak business, he has gained people’s trust in providing delectable nasi lemak daily. 

Ustaz Ali is a co-founder of Tamparuli Nasi Lemak, and his wife is the real founder. If there are complications regarding the business, she, as a founder, will speak up for her opinions to solve the issues. Tamparuli Nasi Lemak was founded 7 years ago and operated in Sarawak for 5 years before moving to Shah Alam 2 years ago since his wife, a teacher, was compelled to switch schools. If you are from Sarawak, you must be familiar with Tamparuli Nasi Lemak. 

Despite the drastic changes, Tamparuli Nasi Lemak still runs smoothly and is well-received by both new and returning customers. This stall was known as Nasi Lemak Jambatan Tamparuli (NLJT) but rebranded as Tamparuli Nasi Lemak a few months ago. The hidden reason why the stall has ‘Tamparuli’ is because Ustaz Ali was born in Tamparuli, Sabah. Furthermore, Tamparuli is one of the popular places to be visited in Sabah because of the Jambataan Gantung Tamparuli, which has also become one of Sabah’s trademarks in Sabah tourism. It also has its own folk song in the Kadazandusun language.

Besides, the bridge has been gaining much attention due to its colourful appearance and tall structure. It also has a legendary tale and is still used today as an alternative road for the communities to commute, thanks to its strong structure. Ustaz Ali wished his business would be as popular as the bridge, so he called his nasi lemak business Nasi Lemak Jambatan Tamparuli.

A strategic location is important when it comes to opening a business. Ustaz Ali chose the current business location because of its comfortability and low monthly rental cost. When you open a business, you must consider many things, and risk is one of them. Due to the low rental fee, he does not need to ponder that aspect as much as restaurant owners. 

The location is where Ustaz Ali’s father-in-law runs his well-known business, Azmi Goreng Pisang, which was established 28 years ago and is still thriving today. Tamparuli Nasi Lemak operates in the morning, while Azmi Goreng Pisang opens in the evening. So, if you crave nasi lemak and pisang goreng, swing by their stalls for a satisfactory eating experience that you will not forget! 

Tamparuli Nasi Lemak is famous for its Ayam Dara Berempah and Sambal Paru. The flavour of the ayam berempah and sambal paru is incredibly inviting, making them easily people’s favourites. If you like to try something new, you should try the unique lauk, Sotong Berempah Crispy and Udang Berempah Cripsy.

Here are the lauk that you can find while visiting Tamparuli Nasi Lemak:


The renowned and favoured Ayam Dara Berempah! 


The chickens will be fried on the spot, allowing you to taste hot and freshly cooked flavourful, juicy and tender chicken.

This is the menu available with its prices. The great news is that you can also add on any of the lauk to customise your own nasi lemak! Save this picture and spread it to your family, friends and colleagues to share the deliciousness of Tamparuli Nasi Lemak! 🤩


You can see how customers will start coming to the location before going to work, so they will most likely be in a rush. Therefore, Ustaz Ali hired a lot of staff to help quicken the pace of serving time and, simultaneously, prevent customers from waiting too long in a queue.


Nasi lemak is unarguably Malaysian’s staple breakfast, and Tamparuli Nasi Lemak opens as early as 6 am makes it easily one of the best spots in Shah Alam to get your breakfast.

You can find the location of this nasi Lemak stall by searching Tamparuli Nasi Lemak on Waze or Google Maps. The site of this nasi lemak place is hard to miss as it has a vast green banner that will catch your eyes. It is also near the Shah Alam KTM station. 

Ustaz Ali hopes to open another branch but, at the same time, strives to increase the quality of customer service. When operating the business in Sarawak, he only managed around 2 to 3 branches as it was convenient for him to handle both the quality of food and customer service.

Just look at how many sambals and lauk you can get! The portion undoubted will leave you full throughout the morning.

Moreover, Ustaz Ali shared that as a business owner, he needs to build and take care of the customer relationship. He also feels a sense of responsibility in educating his staff effectively. He wishes that every first-timer who comes by will be returning to get their nasi lemak cravings fixed here at Tamparuli Nasi Lemak. 

Like other business owners, Tamparuli Nasi Lemak is also affected by inflation. Even so, Ustaz Ali knew that he needed to take the risk of raising the price of the menus to keep the business running.

Tamparuli Nasi Lemak’s slogan is “No Need Spoon With The Greatest Food”, meaning you do not need a spoon for great food 😋

Here are the items that we recommend for you to try at Tamparuli Nasi Lemak:

  1. Nasi Lemak Ayam Dara Berempah
  2. Nasi Lemak Sambal Paru
  3. Nasi Lemak Sotong Berempah Crispy 
  4. Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong

Are you interested? Let’s check out the location and other things you have to know about this nasi lemak stall! 

Address: Gerai, No 1, Jalan Ibus 18/40, Section 18, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor

Operating Hours: 
6:00 am – 10:30 am (Tuesday – Sunday) 
Closed on Mondays 

Google Maps: Navigate Here

Google Review: Here 



Contact Number: 016-360 5390 (Ustad Ali)

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