You Should Go For Ramadan Buffet Here

Nothing beats the excitement of going to buffets, especially right now for Ramadan Buffets. 

This year you should totally check out Cinnamon Coffee House at One World Hotel. They are offering up a wide array of wonderful dishes to buka puasa.

Excited? So are we!


So let’s check out what will be served!

1. WHOLE Cooked Lamb

Image Credit: tallpiscesgil
Image Credit: tallpiscesgil
Image Credit: malaysiamostwanted

A whole lamb. Omaigawh. Just look at it. Savor this tender meat with some sauce. 

2. Seaaaafooood

Image Credit: eatigo
Image Credit: livelifelah

Just look at those oysters man. And the prawns, crabs… as a seafood lover, this will be the first thing I grab!

3. Malay Kampung Style Side Dishes / Appetizers

Image Credit: livelifelah
Image Credit: livelifelah

A combination of sweet, sour and spicy – it puts a smile on your face and makes your eyes go wide with every bite. These lauk-pauk also could be a great appetizer!

4. Traditional Raya Dishes

Image Credit: malaysianfoodie
Image Credit: misz-ella
Image Credit: misz-ella

Of course you must not miss out on tasting all those classic Raya dishes, which you can get here! Enjoy Sup Gearbox, Udang Sambal Petai (my favouriteeee), Ayam Balado, Tempoyak, Sayur Loden Suhun, Dalca Tulang Kambing and more!

5. Other Cuisines like Indian, Japanese and others!

Image Credit: food.malaysiamostwanted

If you are a fan of this traditional Indian rice, Nasi Biryani, then look no further. This fragrant and flavorful rice will satisfy you.

Image Credit: livelifelah
Image Credit: misz-ella.blogspot

More sashimi for meeeee. I love myself some fresh sashimi and sushi. If you love it too, stop by here. 

There is Western food like lasagna, pizza, shepherd’s pie and more! 

6. Irresistible KUIH-MUIH

Image Credit: food.malaysiamostwanted
Image Credit: misz-ella.blogspot
Image Credit: food.malaysiamostwanted
Image Credit: foodmsia

Damn it. Now I’m super hungry. I mean just look at all those colors and textures. It’s impossible to resist these delicacies. 

7. For Sweet Tooths

Image Credit: livelifelah
Image Credit: livelifelah
Image Credit: livelifelah

What’s a meal without ending it with a wonderful dessert. Here you can have not one, not two, but as many as you like! From cakes, fruits to pudding and so much more.

Image Credit: oneworldhotel
Image Credit: food.malaysiamostwanted

Can’t wait to check it out? Here’s the restaurant details.

Address: Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Monday 6am–1am
Tuesday 6am–1am
Wednesday 6am–1am
Thursday 6am–1am
Friday 6am–1am
Saturday 6am–1am
Sunday 6am–12am

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